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Hyundai Giving Away Free Apple iPad With Luxury Cars

Hyundai, the fourth largest automobile maker in the world, has announced at the New York Auto Show that company will be giving away a free iPad with every purchase of its recently unveiled Equus luxury sedan.

Interestingly, the iPad which will come with the sedan will contain an electronic version of the car's manual instead of a hefty printed version and will include a pre-loaded Hyundai iPad application which will allow customers to make service appointments easily.

The company also said that the electronic manual will contain a low down of the car's special features for consumer reference and some high-end photographs of the new luxury car.

Hyundai representatives present at the popular auto show said that Apple's new device made an interactive manual for consumers, who can use the device for its other functions as well.

Commenting on Hyundai's decision to distribute free Apple iPads with every Equus model, William Matthies, who works with Coyote Insight, said in a statement that “Many will respond positively to the inclusion of an iPad, not because they needed or planned to buy one, but simply because it is topical and cool.”

However, the company, which is headquartered in Seol, South Korea, has announced that it only expects to sale 3,000 Equus car units next year.