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Monday wibble

Samsung SyncMaster 2233SW LCD Monitor has been reviewed by iGadget Life and has stated that “Aside from a fairly weak and unimpressive base, the monitor is swell.”

Legit Reviews has tested the NZXT Tempest EVO Case and has declared that “A great looking case with a good blend of function and form.”

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus has reviewed by OverClock Intellience Agency which has stated that “The Cooler Master 212 Plus provides good performance for the price.”

In Win Allure PC Case has been tested by Tech Power Up which has added that “The In Win Allure may just simply take the alpha 360 chassis and cover it with a floral design and some shiny crystals.”

Cirago Network Storage Link NUS1000 has been tested by Test Freaks which has said that “The NUS1000 isn’t a bad product for those who want to quickly and easily add storage to their network.”

Top Reviews Shop has reviewed Shure SE115 Earphones and has stated that “Overall, the Shure SE115s certainly have some strong points.”

KINGMAX “Turbo Vaccine” Antivirus (UD-01) Flash Drive has been reviewed by PC Shop Talk which says that “The Turbo Vaccine Antivirus Flash drive from Kingmax is a product with decent performances.”

NZXT Gamma Classic Series Tower has reviewed by Pro Clockers which has stated that “The Gamma can provide the budget builder or the hardcore DIY’er with the necessary features to get the job done, and do it at a great price.”

Pure Overclock has written about the Coolink Corator DS and has stated “The Coolink Corator DS is a very good looking cooler that showcases a rather unique aesthetic, particularly with the colour scheme of the included fan.”

Think Computers has reviewed the NZXT Tempest EVO and has stated that “After using the original Tempest for nearly two years I was impressed with the features added to the Tempest EVO.”

TRENDnet TEW-653AP 802.11n PoE Wireless Access Point has been reviewed by Tweak Town and adds that “The TRENDnet TEW-653AP is a pretty neat product.” Synology VS60 Surveillance Station has been written about on XS Review which adds that “While the VS60 was fun to have a play around with, I'm sort of stumped about what you're really paying for.”