Sharp Set To Unveil "Glass-less" 3D Technology

Japanese electronics manufacturer Sharp Corporation has unleashed a small-screen 3D display for mobile devices, which will not require users to wear 3D glasses while viewing 3D content. This revelation from the company indicates at a whole new direction for popular mobile devices.

The firm, which is ranked among some of the best semi-conductors companies in the world, said in an official statement that the miniature 3D screens, which deliver video quality close to a LCD, will be able to infiltrate 10 to 20 percent of the small screen displays by the end of this year.

Commenting on the unveiling of the 3D screens, Yoshisuke Hasegawa, the executive managing officer at Sharp, said in a statement that “In the 2D era, contents and infrastructure have spread from movies to homes, and from homes to mobile devices. Three-dimensional images that mostly inhabit big screens now are about to hit mobile terminals.”

Sharp, which has been a technology pioneer since 1912, explained that the mobile 3D screens have been developed by using a LCD display panel attached with a 'switch panel, which when turned on, results in a fine grating on the screen which successfully stops light from the screen travelling in different directions, thus creating a 3D effect.