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£350 Lenovo G550 C900 2GB 160GB DVDRW W7HP

Lenovo crafted the Lenovo G550 15.6-inch laptop to offer business professionals reliable, affordable and straightforward PC technology. The laptop expands upon this value bringing users extra features, like style and design, making it ideal for personal computing too.

The redesigned, thinner and lighter G Series laptops feature choices of either a hairline-like silver finish or a smooth and glossy slate-colored finish.

Equipped with entertainment essentials including a 16:9 aspect ratio panel and DVD burner/player, users can easily display multimedia presentations at the office or watch movies at home.

The laptops offer constant connectivity with Wi-Fi and Ethernet. They also come with VeriFace technology and built-in cameras. The G550 laptop comes equipped with a numeric keypad for ease in logging data, high speed memory.

The laptop - which costs £350 at Dabs - comes with the following specifications. An Intel Celeron C900, 2GB RAM, a 160GB hard disk drive, Windows Vista Home Basic, a 15.6-inch screen and much more.