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Apple iPad To Debut In UK On 24th Of April?

Apple may well launch the iPad on the 24th of April at least in the UK and in the Canada according to a number of rumours that have popped up over the past few days on the internet.

iPad Canada reports nearly a week ago now that the date - which happens to be a Saturday - has been earmarked by senior Apple management as a "black out" day which means that they are not able to take a day off except if genuinely sick.

Today, consumer website Bitterwallet reported the same has taken place in the UK based on the accounts of two separate sources, one of whom also confirmed that extra staff have been drafted to work in store, presumably because of the expected surge in demand.

The iPad launched last Saturday in the US and we wouldn't be surprised to find out that the 3G version is also launched on the 24th in the US given the fact that the weekend afterwards is a long bank holiday one (1st of May).

Apple has yet to change the UK landing page of the iPad which still shows a "coming late April" without any indication of the price. Consumers interested in the product can get Apple to directly notify them of any changes.

You can find more about the Apple iPad and its genesis via our resource page located here.

Our Comments

Apple will need to start selling the iPad worldwide as quickly as possible if it wants to achieve the high targets placed by analysts. It needs to be quick in order to build a substantial lead against the raft of competitors that will come to the market soon. Last but not least, it needs to do so to preempt the moves of its existing rivals like Amazon.

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