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Apple to preview iPhone OS 4 on April 8th

The dust of the iPad launch had barely settled when the Cupertino gadget maker announced that the iPhone operating system would soon get a major upgrade.

iPhone OS 4.0 will get its first outing at a special event at the Infinite Loop on April 8th and, although Apple is using its usual secrecy force-field around the event, lack of any real information about the actual content of the upgrade is never a reason not to have a good old fashioned wild stab in the dark about what might be going on.

What's most likely is that the entire OS is being tweaked to bring the iPad's diminutive siblings, the iPhone and the iPod Touch, closer together in terms of functionality.

There are plenty of pundits out there putting forward their personal wishlists as credible predictions and most of those are putting multitasking for third-party Apps firmly in the top spot.

Don't expect to see the new OS any time soon, however. Apple will almost certainly delay the launch of a new mobile operating system until June or July when the fourth generation iPhone is expected to appear.