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Apple's iPad stripped naked

It's probably the most anticipated device of the century and people queued in there thousands to lay their hands on one.

But the hooligans at iFixit just couldn't wait to get out the spludgers and Torx drivers in order to rip Apple's iPad to bits.

At least two of the reported 300,000 iPads which sold on the first day they were available fell into the hands of these dangerously curious vandals and were pulled to bits in double quick time.

There's still no real information on what lurks inside that mysterious Apple-branded A4 SoC - though iFixit has a punt on it being manufactured by Samsung - and there are no real surprises under the lid.

There are two 'huge' batteries wired in parallel taking up most of the inner space and anything left over will almost certainly find itself filled once the 3G connectivity gubbins is crowbarred in.

Needless to say, the iPad has Apple's traditional attention to detail with even the innards of the beast designed down to the last tiny screw.

iFixit didn't mention how many bits they had left over, or whether the device worked, once they'd nailed it back together.