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Digital Economy Bill Goes In House Of Commons Today

The Digital Economy Bill, which is designed to empower UK's media industry against internet piracy, will undergo yet another reading in the House of Commons before being given a green light by UK law makers.

The controversial bill, which will allow internet service providers to throttle the connection of repeated offenders, is vital for strengthening the media industry's stand against internet piracy, which is eating into a significant amount of revenue from media sales.

Internet piracy has cheated UK media industry out of a billion pounds every year and is resulting in job losses across the nation according to some. The Digital Economy Bill, if passed, will be able to curb online copy right infringement, which is the driving factor behind internet piracy.

Meanwhile, several open source groups, which have been campaigned against the bill ever since it was proposed, claim that the bill will result in the discontinuation of Wi-Fi hotspots around the country and are in serious breach of human rights.

The Open Rights group has even commissioned a full-page ad in the Guardian and The Times, which reads that “20,684 of us demand a proper debate on the Digital Economy Bill. Today politicians are getting ready to rush sweeping new powers through Parliament without proper debate.”

Our Comments

How will this end? No one really knows, even if the law is voted, having to deliver it will be extremely difficult and might actually be left to the next government whoever will be heading it. Still, we shall await the next government to see how the delicate problem of piracy is tackled.

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