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Google Android Catching Up with iPhone In US Market, Confirms Comscore

Internet market research company comScore has released fresh mobile phone usage data which indicates that smartphones based on Google's Android OS are eating into Apple's and Microsoft's smartphone market share in the US.

The market share report released by the research firm disclosed that Android OS had increased the highest out of the all the smartphone OS present in the market and ended up gaining a market share of 9 percent, which comes out to be an increase of 5.2 percent since November 2009.

Meanwhile, Research In Motion, the company behind the highly popular BlackBerry Curve smartphone, managed to clock a 1.3 percent increase in its smartphone share from November 2009 to February 2010, acquiring a US market share of 42.1 percent.

On the other hand, Apple, which just launched its iPad tablet device, was seen nursing the 0.1 percent drop its market share since November 2009 to February 2010, thanks to the rising popularity of Android based software devices.

Technology pundits credit the rise in popularity of Android based devices to the Motorola Droid smartphone, which is by far the most advanced Android based smartphone in the market when it came out although it has since been superseded by others like the HTC Desire.

Our Comments

It seems that Apple CEO Steve Jobs was right when he said that Google is out to kill the iPhone and things are about to get even dirtier as scores of manufacturers get ready to launch Android-based tablets all aimed at nipping the iPad in the bud, something that is likely to infuriate Jobs.

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