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Google Offers New Buzz Privacy Feature

Search engine giant Google has announced that, come April 5th, the company's Buzz social networking tool will get a new privacy reset function, which will ask the users to confirm or change their current Buzz privacy settings.

Buzz, which was launched by Google as a Gmail social networking tool, did not receive a warm welcome from Gmail users, who were forced to share their private information with strangers before Google corrected the controversial privacy setting.

The scandal caused by Buzz prompted some US Congress to urge privacy regulators to investigate Buzz and put an end to it.

However, Google soon realising its peril, had come forward and apologised for the blunders committed with Buzz and had promised to keep correcting the enumerable faults in Buzz.

Todd Jackson, the product manager for Buzz, commenting on the new privacy setting, wrote on a blog post that “Shortly after launching Google Buzz, we quickly realised we didn't get everything right and moved as fast as possible to improve the Buzz experience. Offering everyone who uses our products transparency and control is very important to us.”

Meanwhile, Gmail users who were earlier against the idea of Buzz, have come out and praised Google for making the changes, which will not only help Buzz get the desired user base but also put a stop to any legal action regarding privacy concerns over Buzz.

Our Comments

Google needs to be very careful about making sure it doesn't cock up with Buzz. Buzz is the nearest Google currently has as a competitor to Twitter and to a lesser extent to Facebook. Buzz could potentially become the third most important non-advert service behind Gmail and Maps/Streetview. Failure to do so could prove to be devastating.

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