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Mozilla Dev Team Solves Longest Standing Firefox Bug

The developer team behind the popular web browser Mozilla Firefox has announced that they are close to fixing a decade-long bug which has affected every browser since the past few years.

The issue, which is related to the web history of a browser, was classified as a bug back in 2002 and never fully tackled until now.

The problem lies in the core functionality of the open source web browser, which makes it easier for a skilled computer programmer to procure the links that have been previously been visited by the user by means of cascading style sheets which displays the links in purple rather than blue.

However now, the Mozilla Firefox security team has claimed that they will soon put an end to the problem without disrupting the functionality of the browser, which is being used by a quarter of the world's internet surfers.

Sid Stamm, Mozilla security team member, commenting on the issue, told the Register that “A few sites that use more than color to differentiate visited links may look slightly broken at first while they adjust to these changes, but we think it's the right trade-off to be sure we protect our users' privacy.”

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Meanwhile, some internet security experts believe that all Mozilla will do is make it harder for hackers to exploit the flaw and not completely cure it, while some experts have commended Mozilla's effort to make the internet more safer for users.

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