Vietnam Rejects Google Claims Of Cybercrime

The government of Vietnam has refused to acknowledge the 'groundless' accusations made by Google's Neel Mehta and McAfee Chief Technical Officer George Kurtz.

They had both hinted that the government was involved in cyber attacks on blogs and websites belonging to protesters of a controversial mining project in the country.

The blog post made by Neel Mehta, who is a member of Google's security team, suggested that the Vietnamese government had used a malware, in the form a Vietnamese language keyboard driver, which was then used to hack into the websites and systems of unsuspecting activists.

However, the Vietnamese government broke its silence by declaring that the claims made by Google and McAfee were baseless.

Commenting on the allegation made by the companies, Nguyen Phuong Nga, a government spokesperson said in a statement that “We have on many occasions clearly expounded our view on issues relating to access to and use of information and information technology, including the Internet.”

Interestingly, the Vietnamese cyber attacks were discovered by the two companies during their investigation into last years sophisticated cyber attack on Google which was said to be originated from China. The attack had prompted Google to pack its bags and leave the country for good.

Our Comments

It is worrying that governments are resorting to malicious code to infiltrate the computer systems of those opposed to them. We guess that other governments as well including those of the Western world resort to this kind of activity rather than sending spies.

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