Alleged Involvement In India Security Data Theft By Chinese Hackers

The People's Republic of China has once again landed in another global scandal after a group of researchers at the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, disclosed that a Chinese hacking organisation, which goes by the name of Shadow Network, hacked into Indian government establishments across the globe to steal sensitive military data.

The researcher group, which was tracking the hackers from the past 8 months, also revealed that the hacker group also targeted the United Nations and the Office of Dalai Lama.

The Chinese government has denied any involvement in the alleged attacks, calling the accusations ground less, as usual.

The researchers, who had help from the Shadowserver Foundation, owing to their strenuous efforts, were able to retrieve some data stolen from the hackers, which included, sensitive documents stolen from several Indian government and educational institutions.

The retrieved data also included visa applications with the Indian embassies and a batch of 1,500 personal letters from Dalai Lama to the Indian government.

Explaining the nature of the attack, the research team wrote in a report that “Clouds provide criminals and espionage networks with convenient cover, tiered defenses, redundancy, cheap hosting and conveniently distributed command and control architectures.”