Apple To Debut Mobile Advertising Solution

Apple Inc., which sold over 300,000 iPads on the first day of its launch, is all set to introduce its very own mobile advertisement platform for its iPhone and iPad devices, on April 8th, during the iPhone Developer Conference.

An article on Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital blog reported that the Cupertino based company has finally decided to exploit the immense popularity of its iPhone and iPad devices by establishing a mobile advertisement platform, which will be used by the developers to inject ads into the applications they create.

All Things Digital has also suggested that Apple's mobile advertisement platform might help Google in securing an approval from the US Federal Trade Commission, which is currently reviewing Google's $750 million AdMob acquisition deal.

Apple's mobile ad platform, if launched, will ensure that Google will still have competition even after acquiring AdMob.

Interestingly, the iPod maker might also offer its mobile ad platform to developers of rival mobile operating platforms, similar to what Google has done with the Android OS.

The launch of Apple's own mobile ad platform seemed imminent ever since it acquired Quattro Wireless, which offers tools for injecting ads into the applications.