Apple iPad Customers Encountering WiFi Issues

New users of Apple's tablet device, which was launched in the US on Saturday, have reported that they have been experiencing problems while surfing the internet on the device, as they are not able to establish a strong Wi-Fi connection.

Apple's customer support page was riddled with complaints from confused iPad users who reported that whenever they change the position of the iPad, the Wi-Fi connection breaks.

They also reported that the Wi-Fi slows down without any warning, which is resulting in poor download speeds.

Apple explained to the disgruntled customers that the device may not be able to automatically rejoin a known connection and advised customers to create a separate network while using the iPad.

Expressing his views on Apple's advised, Adam Leach, principle analyst at research firm Ovum, said in a statement that “If you are using public wi-fi, then you are not going to be able to make changes to router setting.” Meanwhile, industry watchers are not ruling out the possibility of a hardware problem, which might lead to massive iPad returns and a whole lot of problems for the iPod maker.

Interestingly, amidst much speculation over the number of iPads being sold on the first day, Apple announced that the company had sold 300,000 iPads on Saturday, which eventually resulted in one million app downloads and 250,000 ebook downloads.