Apple offers answers for weak iPad wi-fi

Apple's new iDevice is having trouble getting connected according to thousands of angry posts on the company's own forums.

Grinning iPad early adopters are having the shine taken off of their new toy as soon as they try to jump onto a wi-fi network with weak signals and dropped connections aplenty.

And Apple isn't exactly being helpful about the issue, even suggesting that users should stand closer to the router if they're having trouble getting online.

The Cupertino company has also acknowledged that the device is having trouble reconnecting to known wi-fi networks if they use dual band routers.

The problems occur if the router uses the same network name for each network, or different security settings for each band.

Apple suggests making sure your router firmware is up to date and renaming each band of the router by adding a G or an N to the default network name as appropriate, which is all well and good if it's your router.

What are you supposed to do if you're in your local coffee chain and the only person working is a 17-year-old java jockey?

Some users are also reporting that Apple's preferred method of finding a wifi hotspot using the settings control panel are borked and that simply pointing the browser at a random web page will bring up a connection dialogue box which actually works.

Others are reporting that working with the router wifi security turned off also fixes many connection issues but this is not recommended.

What is clear from many of the posts is that more users with older 802.11b or g routers are having problems than those with up-to-date 802.11n technology. So unless you want to wait for a fix from Apple, it might be time to invest in a new wifi router.