eBay UK sees healthy trade in Apple iPads

iPads have started appearing on eBay's UK site, offering impatient British fanbois the chance to own Apple's latest piece of overpriced touch-screen bling a few weeks early.

Buyers can expect to pay a premium over US prices. The 32GB Wi-Fi models, which sell for $599 in the US, are currently listed with Buy It Now prices of about £499 ($760).

This one has half an hour to go at £599. Update It sold after 26 bids for £669.

Apple has not yet officially revealed its UK prices, so it's impossible to say whether the deals represent good value. The devices are expected to hit our shelves towards the end of April.

As with any Apple hardware launch, the amount of excitement was predictable, leading to inevitable entrepreneurial cashing-in. Many of the units currently listed on eBay UK come from Brits returning from US holidays.

One eBay wag is even offering the “first-ever broken iPad”, promising to reverse over his 32GB model in his car before shipping it to whoever agrees to fork over $1,200.

He has no bids.