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Flowers show spring has sprung early

It's not just humans who are confused by Britain's changing climate. Even the plants are getting all of a dither.

British flora is now flowering earlier than it has done in the last quarter of a millenium, according to the journal Proceedings B which is required reading here at THINQ HQ.

First flowerings have occurred earlier in the last 25 years than they have since records began in 1659 (which coincidentally is the same year in which it was first forbidden to play tennis during religious services).

The early blooming is all down to rises in average temperature with a each single degree rise generally equating to being able to pick your daffs five days earlier than the year before.

A recent study showed that spring arrives 11 days earlier than it did 30 years ago, the only problem being that it doesn't bother with summer any more and just heads straight into autumn.