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IBM Betrayed Open Source Pledge According To FOSS Proponents

International Business Machines, the world's largest computer technology company, has lashed out at the open source community, which it was ardently supporting sometime back, by serving open source software developer TurboHercules with a cease and desist notice, asking it to stop using IBM patented software.

In a letter addressed to TurboHercules SAS, IBM's CTO for its mainframe division accused the company of using IBM mainframe technology and also provided the company with a list of 106 IBM patents plus 67 pending patent applications.

Florian Mueller, the founder of NosoftwarePatents, revealing the contents of the letter, added that “This is so appalling that I felt compelled to show to the FOSS community what IBM is doing: IBM is using patent warfare in order to protect its highly lucrative mainframe monopoly against Free and Open Source Software.”

Interestingly, Florian Mueller, who is an active open source rights activist, also disclosed that the two patents, which have prompted IBM to go against the open source community, are among the 500 patents which IBM had promised not to use against open source developers.

Meanwhile, the whole open source community is screaming for a legal action against the company, which is already facing an anti-trust probe from the European commission after TurboHercules submitted a complaint with the regulator last month. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.