Isle Of Man Minister Wants UK E-Border Inclusion

Tony Brown, the Chief Minister of the Isle of Man, has requested that Tynwald, the island's parliament, include Isle of Man in UK's e-border security system in order to ensure that the prevailing no-passport rule continues.

UK's e-border security system allows the government to keep an eye on people visiting the UK in order to look out for criminal elements. Tony Brown, who is also a member of the House of Keys, said that if Isle of Man is not included in the sophisticated monitoring system, then residents of island will be tracked by the system and will not be able to travel to the UK without a passport.

Expressing his views on the matter, Tony Brown, who also owns an electrical company on the island, said in a statement that “The Isle of Man Government's view is that to maintain current travel arrangements between the Island and the UK, we need to be on the inside of the e-border and should take the necessary steps to allow that to happen.”

The plan to include the Isle of Man in the e-border security system is a part of the government's strategy to turn the island into a travel hub by making way for airlines and other infrastructure development.