Meet Twettle : The Twittering Kettle

A kettle that twitters, this is the novel project of two mobile advertising consultants and designers who are based in London, a device however that has yet to come to the market.

Twettle is a WiFi enabled peripheral at its simplest, one that comes with a USB port apparently and even has a LCD display. Murat already has a prototype running but it is only a "£9 Murphy [sic] Richards kettle from Argos with a wi-fi card selotaped [sic] to the side".

Still, they have thought through the interface as well as the targeted market (see their musings here). They have come up with a Tweetle admin snapshot and have dreamt of an Open API for the Tweetle.

This, they say, would allow developers to make mobile and web applications around it before adding that "web apps could show what parts of the country were making the most tea or how much electricity is being used (or saved) by making tea with the Twettle."

The concept itself appears to have germinated 18 days before April fool which means that they may well be seriously considering the project.

One small problem, they want to get £500,000 worth of investment before going ahead and they plan to sell the kettle for at least £75.

Our Comments

Why have a Twittering kettle? We're not sure about it either. There's already a house that can communicate through Twitter and should the Kettle project go ahead, one can expect alarm systems to be based on the microblogging service as well.

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