Murdoch: We'll stop Google

Rupert Murdoch has vowed to stop Google stealing content from his newspapers and making money out of it.

"We are going to stop people like Google or Microsoft or whoever from taking stories for nothing… there is a law of copyright and they recognise it," Murdoch told the National Press Club at George Washington University. Video.

"They have got this very clever business model," he said.

Search advertising had turned into a "river of gold" for the likes of Google, Murdoch whined. "They take [content] for nothing," he said, and the practice had to be stamped out.

Murdoch is confident that Internet users will be persuaded to pay for news content, so long as others join News Corporation and charge too.

"When they have got nowhere else to go they will start paying. If it is reasonable. No one is going to ask for a lot of money," he said.