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Nokia Set To Launch iPad Competitor

Nokia, the world's largest mobile phone maker, is planning on entering the lucrative tablet device market by launching its very own iPad like device by the end of this year, an analyst with Rodman and Renshaw has predicted.

It seems that Apple's new product has opened a floodgate, with every known electronics company scrambling to launch its own iPad-like device before the other. A report on Reuters claimed that Nokia, which is headquartered in Finland, will most probably use the Meego platform, which is being developed jointly by Nokia and Intel Corp.

Expressing his views on Nokia's plans to launch a tablet device, Ashok Kumar, the analyst who made the prediction, said in statement to Reuters that "You don't want to give that much of a lead to Apple because it otherwise becomes insurmountable. Right now the supply chain (for a Nokia tablet) is being primed up for a fall release.”

Meanwhile, several other industry watchers are claiming that the market is going to witness a 'flood' of iPad like devices, which may or may not be able to catch the attention of consumers like the iPad has, because the market for a half computer half smartphone device is still 'immature and indecisive.'