Pirated Software Is OK Says Third of British People

According to a recent survey conducted by Microsoft, it has been revealed one in every three people in the UK believes that software piracy is the way to go and are generally ignorant of the dangers involved in using pirated software.

The survey, which was conducted by Microsoft as a part of its 'Attitudes to Piracy' study, hinted that Britons were comfortable with downloading and using pirated software at work and home and were unaware of the risks involved, even when the Digital Economy Bill is hovering right over their heads.

The Microsoft-conducted survey, which involved interviews of 1,000 adults across the UK, indicated that one out of 6 people surveyed, confessed using pirated software at work and home, but only a third understood the dangers behind using the software.

The report, which studies people's attitude towards piracy and what they thought about the subject of illegal downloads of music and movie files, also reported that six out of 10 people actually knew about the dangers of using pirated software but did not know the legal repercussions of downloading copyright infringing material.

Expressing her views on the results of the survey, Susie Winter of Alliance Against IP Theft, said in a statement that “People need to understand that there are inherent risks to their own security, including identity theft, from using pirated software products.”