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Sapphire launches pocket projector

Graphics cards outfit Sapphire Technology has today launched a pocket-sized projector, the Mini Projector 101.

The device beams virtually any digital output onto an area up to 65 inches wide, running graphics and video input from a laptop, digital camera, iPod or mobile phone.

Mini Projector casts an image from as small as seven inches across up to 65 inches wide onto a suitable surface.

Sapphire said the super-bright multi-chip LED lamp in the Mini Projector is good for 20,000 hours of use. It is bright enough for 640 x 480 resolution viewing in normal or subdued room lighting.

Battery life is claimed to be over two hours on a single charge, or you can run direct from the adapter.

The Mini Projector 101 weighs only 103 grams. Sapphire is flogging the package complete with charger, tripod, leads for VGA, composite video and an approved Apple adapter, all for around £230.