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Sony PS3 Firmware Update Wrecks Gaming Console

The latest firmware update for the popular Sony Playstation 3 gaming console, version 3.21, apparently causing a slew of issues for some of the so-called fat, first generation models.

The update, which was released on the 1st of April, omits the "install other OS" functionality that was used by many to install alternative operating systems such as Ubuntu.

It was understandably the target of heavy criticism from many geek users. But it took a turn for the worse as many have been complaining that some controllers no longer work, HDMI fails to perform at certain screen resolution, inability to read games, non working USB ports and, ironically, some players have been unable to connect to the Playstation network.

This also reminds us of the issue that happened on the 1st of March 2010 when the same owners were locked out of PSN because of the so-called 8001050F error which was caused by the internal clock of the gaming console.

Worse though, there have been reports of PS3 users unable to even switch on their consoles after the firmware update was implemented.

Sony deliberately kicked out the "install other OS" function because it allowed hackers to circumvent the DRM system. Interestingly enough many other owners of PS3 "fat" have reported having no issues at all.