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Twits to ignore Digital Economy Bill

British Twitter users are plotting to ignore the Digital Economy Bill, which is due to get its final stamp of approval by Parliament this evening.

A petition, orchestrated from, has already collected over 1,600 'signatures', in the form of automatically collected Twitter usernames, in the last couple of hours.

Rebellious net users can jump on the refusenik bandwagon by tweeting the following: "I choose not to recognise the UK's Digital Economy Bill" along with the hash-tag #whatdebill or clicking here.

The Digital Economy Bill is widely believed to tilt the balance of power online too far in favour of copyright holders in the music and movie industries and away from consumers and ISPs.

When the law is enacted, Internet users found to be persistently pirating material can have their broadband connections substantially throttled or disconnected.

The Bill will get a super-quick third reading debate in the House of Commons in the next few hours, as part of the widely criticised “wash-up” process that fast-tracks legislation before Parliament is dissolved on Monday.

Twitter has been buzzing with commentary about the Bill for the last 24 hours, with much anger centred on the fact that so few MPs bothered to show up to the Commons to debate it.

Another web site was set up today to let users discover whether their own local MP was present for the debate.

The domain was registered at about 1.30pm UK time today in the name of Josh Russell, with a Brighton address.

The registrant of is hiding behind a privacy proxy.