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3 Networks Launches In-Car WiFi Solution

3 Networks has unveiled a new kit that will allow users to add wireless hotspot capabilities to their cars by means of a MiFi modem.

The £60 kit consists of the MiFi Huawei Wireless modem, a mains and an in-car charger, a windscreen holder and 1GB worth of data that lasts for 30 days. The device, which has been demoed at the Gadget Show Live 2010 event in Birmingham, is a repackaged version of the existing MiFi device.

Alternatively, you can buy the MiFi modem on its own for £50 and purchase 3GB worth of data for £15 or 7GB data allowance for £25. 3 Networks says that the device will create a personal Wi-Fi Spot that will use 3's 3G network while on the road.

It means that WiFi enabled devices such as netbooks, portable gaming consoles and even gadgets such as the iPod Touch will be able to connect to it using a simple password.

David Kerrigan, Head of Internet Services at 3, said research carried out by 3 Networks found out that more than a quarter of those surveyed said that they would be interested in having web access in their cars.

This means that 3 networks could be tapping into a niche market worth millions of pounds and which uses its existing network more efficiently. You can find more about the MiFi device here.

Our Comments

3 Networks cannot afford not to execute its plans perfectly. The impending merger between Orange and T-Mobile will leave it in a very delicate situation, one which could potentially prove catastrophic for the smallest mobile phone network in the UK.

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