Exclusive : Apple iPad Now Available In The UK

If you're itching to get your mitts on an iPad, can't wait till the end of the month for the official product launch and Ebay is not your preferred route, then there are at least two retailers in the UK that are selling Apple's quasi-legendary device.

Purelygadgets have confirmed to us that they have stocks of the three versions of the iPad currently on sale in the US. Prices range from £700 for the 16GB version to £870 for the 64GB version with the 32GB version for £786 including free next day delivery.

Simply Electronics are also stocking all three versions of the iPad for £540, £630 and £740 respectively with free delivery, prices that are more reasonable compared to Purelygadgets.

Apple has yet to confirm exactly when the iPad will be available in the UK although rumours point to the 24th of April, the only available "normal" weekend before the bank holiday one at the end of this month.

Earlier this year, we guesstimated the price of the 16GB WiFi iPad to be around £385 in the UK, that's a 25 percent premium over the US pricing.

However, things have changed for the worse and our current estimate would put the cheapest iPad at around £410 which is still more affordable than buying from Simply Electronics.

Alternatively, you could fly to any major US city with Iceland Express for around £250 and collect, amongst other things, your iPad from a certified Apple store for £329. Read our extensive coverage of the iPad here.

(ed : We've also learnt that London-based mPhone is selling the 16GB and 32GB WiFi-only version of the iPad and we've confirmed with them that they actually stock the device. The 16GB version costs £495 + VAT while the 32GB version will cost £599 + VAT.)