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HTC Legend And Desire Available For £20 P/M From Vodafone

Deals for the HTC Desire and the HTC Legend, two of the most anticipated mobile handsets on the market, have started to appear in growing numbers, online in the UK.

Vodafone has just slashed the cost of its cheapest HTC Legend deal to a mere £20 per month for a two year contract. Arguably, you don't get much for the price (only 100 minutes, 500 texts and 500MB worth of internet) but you can always upgrade to a more substantial offer for a mere £5 extra (600 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB mobile internet).

Those looking to get an unlocked version of the Android phone - which replaces the HTC Hero and features an Apple Macbook like chassis - itself can always buy it from Play for only £370 delivered.

In related news, reports that the HTC Desire was delayed on Vodafone have been rejected by a spokesperson who told Pocket-lint that the HTC Desire handsets have already been shipped to customers ahead of the launch date.

The Desire will be, for some time to come, HTC's top end mobile phone and will be available from all six major mobile phone networks.

Vodafone currently has the cheapest offer for the HTC Desire with the same deal (£20 per month, 100 minutes, 500 texts) as the HTC Legend minus the 500MB data allowance which can be had for an additional £5.

Our Comments

We don't remember having such an exciting choice of first grade mobile phones for so cheap. The HTC Desire is a superb phone and frankly, for £20 per month even excluding internet access, you could have got something much worse.

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