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IBM Expands Smart Analytics Systems Offerings

In an attempt to widen its data analytics portfolio, International Business Machines is planning to expand its Smart Analytics Systems by developing separate versions of the platforms, which are compatible with mainframes and x64.

The variants of the platform are being developed by IBM's System and Technology Group, which manufactures servers and its Software Group, which is dedicated towards developing software for IBM servers as well as those created by its competitors.

Meanwhile, the Big Blue has also decided to club its PureScale database clustering software with WebSphere middleware and new Power7-based system, in order to offer a new line of system applications called PureScale Application System.

The company, which is the largest information technology services company in the world, has also dished out a fresh version of its Smartie System accompanied with two new versions, one being for System Z mainframes and the other for its System x x64 servers.

However, Curt Monash of Monash Research, commenting on IBM's roll-out marathon, said in a statement that “it doesn't sound as if there's a lot of new technology there. One possible exception is enhanced compression. DBMS vendors that are compression laggards have been working hard to improve, and maybe it's IBM's turn now.”