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Intel To Ship 48-core Processor Within Months

Semiconductor giant Intel is set to send computers containing their single chip cloud computing (SCC) 48-core experimental processor to academic institutions although this roll out is possibly going to be limited to the US only.

Agam Shah of IDG reports that Sean Koehl, technology evangelist with Intel Labs, made the announcement during an event in New York stressing that the computers will not be available for sale.

The move comes as part of Intel's Terascale computing research effort which aims at putting more cores in each socket while maintaining the same power consumption and improving on efficiency.

The 48-core processor will run at around 1.8GHz and according to Christopher Anderson who works in the Intel Labs, the chip will draw between 25w and 125w of power which means that some extreme power management solutions have been devised by Intel engineers for the chip.

Intel's announcement comes a week or so after it released its first eight core processor, the Xeon 7500 model and AMD, Intel's archrival, launched its first 12 core server chip; both of which are traditional processors that are compatible with the existing software environment.

Intel demoed the processor late last year and even demoed it at Cebit in Germany last month where it showcased the chip which apparently uses a 2D mesh that allows all the chip to communicate with each other.

Our Comments

Intel is flexing its muscles and is showing to its competitors and the rest of the world that it could do much more if it wanted to. Funnily enough shares of AMD went up significantly this morning.

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