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iPad Gets Affordable Security Case

Those looking to secure their Apple iPad devices can look forward to purchasing a security case from a company that markets them for a surprisingly affordable price and surprisingly enough, shipping it to the UK will not cost that much.

At $54.45 including shipping and handling to the UK, the iPad security case looks quite appealing and is a black leather model witha three digit steel combination lock. It won't prevent thieves from actually stealing the item but will prevent unauthorised access by co-workers.

It is an attractive alternative to the official iPad case and according to the retailer, newPCgadgets, it is the only one on the market with a lock. Importantly, the case doesn't prevent access to the iPad port which means that you should be able to charge the device securely.

That said, if security is your primary concern, then a free way to keep others from accessing your iPad is to protect it with a password. The case appears to be a much better choice if you want to protect the iPad - especially the screen - from daily risks associated with every life.

We've successfully managed to track down a number of protective PVC rubber cases for the iPad all costing as little as $6 but which won't be as sturdy as the security case.

Our Comments

Don't forget that Apple has a great looking iPad case as well, one that folds in "just the right places" and converts into a stand that allows the iPad to be viewed at an angle. The security iPad case doesn't offer it for the time being and is $10 more expensive.

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