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Microsoft Aims New CRM Offer At NGOs

Software giant Microsoft has rolled-out a redesigned version of its Microsoft Dynamics DRM software, which will be targeted specifically at non profit and non governmental organisations, in order to widen the user base of the enterprise software platform.

According to a statement released by the company, the refurbished DRM will include vertical specific features like donation and pledge management, basic volunteer tracking, basic basic membership management, online payment support, campaign management and dashboard reports.

Commenting on the launch of the software, Sarah Barnhart, senior program manager for community affairs at Microsoft, wrote in a statement that “We see technology as being a key enabler of helping nonprofits to reduce administration and focus their resources on where they can have the biggest impact. Non profits and NGOs are always challenged with doing more with less.”

Microsoft Dynamics DRM software for non-profits and NGOs, which is also available on a free-trial basis, has been designed for the purpose of working in the cloud.

However, in order to run the software on the cloud, users will be required to purchase Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, which will be available for non profits and NGOs for a price $9.99 per user on a monthly basis.