Murdoch Wants Newspapers To Exclude Google And Microsoft

Rupert Murdoch, the Chairman and Managing Director of News Corporation, which is the second largest media conglomerate in the world, has asked Google and Microsoft to refrain from using news sites owned by News Corp., for their search engine news services.

Speaking at a conference in the National Press Club, the media mogul told journalists that media forefronts owned by his company, like the Wall Street Journal, will do whatever it takes to stop internet companies like Google and Microsoft from using their news content for powering their own news services.

Rallying for the entire news publishing community, Murdoch declared that it was about time that they 'took a stand' against the free viewing and usage of their stories and news features by major internet companies, which, instead of sharing revenue, make money at their expense.

Interestingly, when asked whether or not people will be willing to pay for news content, Murdoch, said that people had nowhere to go except for paying for news online or buying newspapers like they used to.

According to Murdoch's statements, the whole publishing world, News Corp. included, is hailing Apple's iPad tablet device as its saviour, which will ensure that people will start paying for online news content which they can enjoy on the iPad.

Our Comments

The publishing industry is at the cross roads and needs to do something in order to survive and thrive. Whether or not that means preventing Google and Microsoft from accessing that data remains to be seen. We'd rather see them come up with an innovative idea like a Techmeme rival.

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