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NetApp Purchases Bycast

NetApp, the California based storage and data management services provider, has announced that the company is all set to acquire Bycast Inc., the Canada based storage software company, for an undisclosed amount.

Bycast Inc is a privately held company and specialises in developing object based storage software, which is capable of managing and storing huge amounts of data including videos, images and records of businesses and media service providers.

Commenting on the acquisition move by company, Manish Goel, executive vice president, Product Operations, NetApp, said in a statement that “Bycast extends our unified storage strategy and enhances our solution for shared storage infrastructure by adding new capabilities for global data access and mobility.”

The acquisition of Bycast will widen Netapp's industry specific product portfolio, which will include storage services for digital media enterprises, healthcare businesses, Web 2.0 and cloud based service providers.

The company, which was founded by David Hitz and James Lau, explained that upon merging NetApp's portfolio with that of Bycast, NetApp will be in a position to offer its customers comprehensive storage and data management products.

This will allow them to build and maintain a massive global pool of data that is vital for companies offering IT as a service.