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Orange Report Shows Changing Mobile Landscape

Orange, one of UK's biggest telecommunication service providers, has released its annual Orange Digital Media Index report, which has suggested that men use their mobile phones to access social networking platforms and watch videos, more than women do.

The new report, which has been readied using statistics from Orange's 17.4 million users, indicated that men use their mobiles for accessing more media rich features than women, who were on top when it came to sending text messages.

According to the results of the report, it was revealed that men viewed 33 percent more social networking web pages than women, from their handhelds. It was also found that men accounted for almost 75 percent of all the mobile video purchases and viewed 71 percent of the mobile TV videos.

Interestingly, out of the 63 million text messages sent every day, women were responsible for more text messages than men. It was also found that women, who were aged above 60 years of age, sent 48 percent more text messages than men in the same age vertical.

Orange also reported that the company had experienced 650,000 mobile game downloads in the past three months, with men and women equally contributing to the figure.

Our Comments

Interesting stats indeed and one which shows that man are more likely to interact with their acquaintances online. Orange did not give more details when it comes to voice comms, something which would have been precious. Hopefully other mobile networks will also compile such a report.

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