Prescott twits plan to bankrupt Tories

The bloke who knocked off his secretary and biffed voters on the hooter, the incomprehensible John Prescott, has outlined a cunning election plan he's cooked up to bankrupt the Tories.

As the rotund bulimic outed on his Twitter feed, he thinks clicking on a Google ad for the Tories costs the party 50p a click.

He Tweeted: "Click here then click on Labour Have Failed = 50p out of the Tories warchest. Let's do this! #ukelection."

The Conservatives have sponsored thousands of Google AdWords which, by the magic of Gurgle, appear near web tittle-tattle about the Labour Party.

Prescott noticed this and also had someone whisper in his shell-like that it costs the Tories real wonga should someone click on the ad.

The Tories favourite adwords apparently include: 'election', 'Gordon Brown', 'Nick Clegg', 'Peter Mandelson' and 'hung parliament'.