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Windows 7 SP1 Pre-release Version Appears On Torrents

Geeksmack has managed to download what appears to be the first service pack for Windows 7, aptly named build 7061, a shorter name compared to the exact build string: 6.1.7601.16537.amd64fre.win7.100327-0053.

The build dates from the 27th of March which means that it is nearly two weeks old - which means that it might not be the latest one - and can apparently be downloaded fairly easily from the usual websites.

Installation was fairly fast, way faster than on Windows Vista, according to the author of the post on Geeksmack who also provided us with a number of screenshots of the installation process.

The final version of the service pack is expected in September 2010 with an intermediary version likely to appear in June. There are reports that the pack will not include anything significant and it is unclear whether it includes USB 3.0 support and other enhancements at this stage.

Sill the fact that it is already available as a download means that Microsoft is not far away from delivering the service pack, only six months after the launch, should it feel the need.

Since its launch on the 22nd of October 2009, more than 90 million copies of Windows 7 have already been sold and/or rolled out making it by far the fastest deployed operating system ever.

Our Comments

Windows 7 is arguably Microsoft's most successful Windows and one which has managed to make users feel at home while giving punters enough reasons to upgrade from Windows XP to the latest edition. SP1 is likely to solve just a few kinks that still exist in an otherwise fantastic OS.

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