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"Arrogant" Facebook Faces Police Wrath Online Child Security

Social networking giant Facebook has been accused by police authorities of being 'arrogant' in the face of increasing reports of child bullying and grooming on the website.

Facebook has failed to install a panic button despite strong pressures from several child protection authorities including the Home Office secretary.

According to the police, Facebook has never reported a single grooming attempt by a paedophile on the website, despite of the increasing reports of possible paedophiles attempting to groom vulnerable children on Facebook.

Meanwhile, The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) reported that it had received 259 complaints of illegal activity on the social networking platform.

The child protection community has been repeatedly asking Facebook to keep a closer watch on the profiles of suspected paedophiles and install a CEOP panic button, which gives children instant access to police authorities and councillors.

Commenting on Facebook's constant neglect of child-harming activities taking place on the website, Jim Gamble, head of the CEOP, said in a statement that “Facebook say they have a robust system that produces millions of reports. But when we checked with police child protection teams across the UK, we can’t find evidence of any reports passed from Facebook to the police.”

Our Comments

The CEOP panic button has been greatly appreciated by the police and parents alike and has found its way to Bebo and MSN Messenger. Unfortunately, Bebo is about to be closed by parent company AOL leaving Facebook as the only major social networking entity in the UK.

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