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Flash coming to iPhone 4

When Steve Jobs was asked if iPhone OS 4.0 would have support for Adobe Flash, his answer was short, to say the least.


What the invited crowd should have asked him was will iPhone 4.0 support 'a flash'. In which case the answer would probably have been, "You'll have to wait and see".

Eagle-eyed hacks over at Apple Insider have been digging about in the freshly released Software Developer Kit for Apple's iDevices and have come across some intriguing framework functions labelled AVCaptureDevice.hasFlash and AVCaptureDevice.flashMode.

It only takes the application of a bit of wishful thinking to come to the conclusion that the next iteration of the mighty iPhone will come with a built-in LED flash. Something many users believe should have been included in the less-than-earth-shattering 3Gs refresh.

Another chunk of code named AVCaptureDevice.hasTorch could also hint at a permanent light for video capture but, with Apple's focus on battery life, that's a bit less likely in our book.