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Hitachi takes modular datacentres to Europe

Hitachi Europe and Green Data Systems (GDS) are teaming up to deploy what they reckon are highly-energy-efficient data centres across Europe.

As part of this partnership, Green Data Systems, a co-founder of Eco2dc, will launch a highly energy efficient data centre based in Deventer, The Netherlands in July 2010. GDS is one of the investors to Eco2dc initiative, which is planning to develop the most energy efficient European data centre in The Netherlands.

The partnership promotes Hitachi’s modular-type data centres, which have been available in Japan since January 2009.

The design optimises the configuration of cooling units to obtain the highest level of power efficiency in a high-density arranged data centre. This enables data centre operators to boost the utilisation of space to the highest potential, while reducing CO2 emissions considerably.

Eco2dc is a leading Data Centre Services provider aiming to build and operate the most energy efficient Data Centre in Europe.

Wessel Graatsma, CEO of Green Data Systems, said: “We believe Hitachi’s cooling technology and operating know-how for data centres contributes to our green data centre business. It has potential to increase energy efficiency, which is a key requirement for our customers.”

Hitachi said it will gather operating data from the cooling system at the modular data centre housed in Deventer, The Netherlands, for research purposes to further improve energy efficiency.