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HP Labs Announce Breakthrough In Memristor

HP Labs, the research arm of Hewlett-Packard has hinted at a massive breakthrough in the Memristor research field, which, according to tech experts, is capable of changing the face of technology.

In a report published to outline the progress made in the Memristor Chip research, HP Labs announced that the memristor chips were capable of performing logic.

This means that computation can be performed in the chips that store the very data. The discovery made by the company has the potential to alter the design of most of the IT devices.

The discovery was announced in an article in a journal titled 'Nature', which was written by Stan Williams, Hewlett-Packard senior fellow and director of Quantum Science Research.

Commenting on the monumental discovery, Williams wrote that "Memristive devices could change the standard paradigm of computing by enabling calculations to be performed in the chips where data is stored."

Explaining to the importance of the Memristor discovery, Williams said that the Memristor chips could allow calculations to be made in the chip rather than taking the calculations to the central processing unit (CPU).

This will improve the performance of data centres and computers as it has been proven that best performance is achieved when data and processors are at close proximity. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.