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Juniper Networks Acquires Ankeena

Juniper Networks, the California based computer technology company, is all set to acquire Ankeena Networks, which specialises in software designed for online content delivery, for a speculated amount of $100 million.

Ankeena Networks, which was formed in 2008, develops technology which is used for delivering fast live and on-demand video content online, for media service providers.

According to statement released by Juniper, the company will look to integrate Ankeena technology with its existing Junos Ready Software, which will be marketed to media service providers looking to deliver media content directly to fixed and mobile internet.

Interestingly, Ankeena's Media Flow Direct software is already being used by Juniper to deliver high quality video to smartphone and mobile devices. The speciality of Media Flow Direct is that it allows users to view uninterpreted video on their mobile devices despite a weak data or broadband signal.

Juniper reported that the software product comes with bandwidth optimising tools which automatically detects the bandwidth and optimises the video according to it, so that users don't experience any 'stuttering' or buffering.

Ankeena's software portfolio also features sophisticated caching technology, which significantly reduces the number of servers that are required to beam media content on a mobile device, thus resulting in cost cuts.