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Kid sues mum over changed Facebook password

An Arkansas kid has sued his own mother, accusing her of 'hacking' into his Facebook account, posting slanderous comments and changing his password so he wouldn't be able to access it.

Denise New claims that all she did was act like any responsible parent should, when she saw some 'disturbing' messages posted by her son on the social networking platform, after he had forgotten to log-off from his account before leaving the system.

According to Associated Press, Lane New, who lives with his grandmother, filed a complaint with the prosecutor's office, which approved the charges of harassment on the mother on March 26th.

New, who denies hacking into her son's Facebook account, has been asked to appear before the Clark County Courthouse on May 12th 2010.

New has decided to fight the charges made against her by her son.

She said she changed her 16-year-old son's Facebook password after reading a comment, in which he'd claimed to have come home driving home at 95 mph because he was angry over a girl.