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LG Unveils £1780 15-inch OLED TV

Korean manufacturer LG has launched the 15EL9500, the largest commercially available OLED TV with a diagonal size of 15-inch which is significantly more than that of the 11-inch photoframe size of the Sony XEL-1 which was launched last year and cost around £3000.

The 15EL9500 has a resolution of 1366x768 pixels, has a 100Hz TruMotion technology that reduces motion blur and is only 3.2mm thick - thanks to the lack of backlight.

As expected its contrast ratio is absurdly high (10,000,000:1) which translates into "deeper blacks" and more "vibrant colours" and it even comes with a Freeview tuner.

OLED sets are known to have near limitless viewing angle, a response time of a fraction of a millisecond and much better power consumption than either plasma or traditional LCD - a mere 40w.

Surprisingly, the television set is water resistant (not waterproof though) which means that it will be ideal in a bathroom (ed : no one watches telly in their bath!).

LG has also equipped the device with a nice looking, innovative TV stand and a USB port that allows JPEG, MP3 and DivX HD files to be streamed on the screen.

The 15EL9500 should be available in the UK by the end of the month and should be priced at less than £2000. Expect a 22-inch version to come before Christmas 2010.

Amazon is expected to stock it by the end of the month for £1781.50 while audiovisual experts RGBdirect say they will deliver it soon for a similar price.

Our Comments

We're certainly more excited about OLED than 3D to be honest. We can't wait to see a 60-inch OLED television set that has wireless HDMI and only needs ONE cable to be function. That said prices will have to go down significantly before it become mainstream.

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