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Mobile App Turns iPhone Users Into Paparazzis

Matrix Photos, the photo company which specialises in celebrity photographs, has unleashed its very first iPhone app CelebAround, which will allow users to keep track of their favourite celebrities by giving them a constant low down of the hotspots visited by them.

CelebAround, which is available from the iPhone App Store for £1.79, will not only give users regular updates about stars spotted near their location but also provide users with a list of hotels and night spots in which celebrities are regularly spotted.

However, industry insiders feel that this application might allow the paparazzi, not to mention stalkers to relentlessly follow their 'favourite' celebrities, who strive to maintain a normal life by escaping the manic camera-shutters that flash even at the glimpse of a celebrity toe nail.

Commenting on the launch of the iPhone app, Danny Hayward of Matrix Picture Agency, said in a statement to the London Evening Standard that “When people choose a restaurant, bar or club to go to, it's often based on who has been there before. This is giving people access to the entertainment industry's little black book of the best places to go.”

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The application, which might soon find its way to the Android platform, also allows users to search the recent and most frequently visited hangouts by their favourite celebrities and get directions to the closest celebrity hot spot from their location.

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