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Talktalk Set To Defy UK Digital Economy Bill

TalkTalk, one of the largest internet service provider (ISP) in the UK, has declared in a blog post that the controversial Digital Economy Bill is a 'wash up' and that the company will continue to fight 'against these oppressive proposals.'

The Digital Economy Bill, which was passed last night in the House of Commons, will allow the government to force ISPs to permanently disconnect the connections of the users who will continue to download copyrighted material illegally.

The blog post, which was made on the official TalkTalk blog by Andrew Heaney, the Executive Director of Strategy and Regulation of the company, targeted the draconian regulations that were being forced upon ISPs and general public and also informed that many users will simply shift to undetectable methods of downloading.

Highlighting TalkTalk's future plans to tackle the bill, Andrew Heaney wrote on the blog that "Unless we are served with a court order we will never surrender a customer's details to rightsholders. We are the only major ISP to have taken this stance and we will maintain it."

Taking a bold stand against the bill, which was rushed through the House of Commons amidst much confusion, TalkTalk declared that the company will not disconnect the broadband connection of a user when asked to do so and is prepared to take the matter to court.