Wi-LAN Sues 19 Technology Firms Over Bluetooth Patents

Wi-LAN, a Canada-based wireless technology company, has initiated a patent infringement lawsuit against 19 major consumer electronics companies, accusing them of using key Wi-LAN patents in the Bluetooth functionality incorporated by them in their smartphones, laptops and desktops.

The Bluetooth patent lawsuit, which has targeted technology bellwethers such as the likes of Apple, Dell and Motorola, was filed in the federal court located in Marshal, Texas, with the intention of squeezing out not only a small fortune from the companies, but also stopping them for using Bluetooth in their products in the future.

Bluetooth is an open wireless technology which allows users to exchange data over short distances wirelessly and has become a vital component in hand-held devices including smartphones and other low and high end mobile phones.

However, several legal experts believe that the company will fail to get its way in the court of law due to the fact that the technology in question is already widely used by many users and comes with a lot of devices.

The court will consider each and every aspect of the patent and the effect on the market if Wi-LAN get its way. The companies being sued by WiLAN in the bluetooth patent lawsuit include the likes of Acer, Atheros, D-Link, Intel and Lenovo.

Our Comments

Good luck to Wi-LAN in its quest to prevent the likes of Apple or Motorola from using its claimed patents. Seriously though it is very unlikely that they will get anything out of these technology companies simply because they are way too powerful for Wi-LAN.

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