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T-Mobile Sells SIM Free HTC Desire For £349?

It seems that T-Mobile is banking heavily on the HTC Desire as the Deutsche-Telekom company is flogging the PAYG model for a mere £348.99. The interesting bit though is that there are reports that the phone is unlocked and unbranded.

T-mobile appears to be promoting the HTC Desire more aggressively than the rest of the competition as it looks to increase its user base significantly before the merger with Orange.

The mobile phone operator already has the cheapest monthly mobile contracts for the device, the cheapest PAYG price and now it seems, the cheapest SIM-Free model as well.

The phone is on sale at Mobilephonesdirect rather than from T-Mobile direct and users can also expect to get a free car charger, a 4GB microSD card and free 3-months insurance.

The online mobile shop also says that due to demand, customers will need to allow for up to three days for delivery rather than the usual next day delivery.

Vodafone has the HTC Desire on PAYG for £379 while both Amazon and Play sell it as an official SIM Free model for £439.99.